Ken Lackman

is one of the most popular EFL presenters in his home Canada, as well as several other countries, including UK, where he is a regular presenter at the
IATEFL conferences, and Poland, where he was originally invited by DOS-ELTea as part of our ‘ELT Masters in Action’ project, which was followed by several highly popular appearance at IATEFL PL annual conferences.

Ken began his teaching career as an EFL instructor in Prague in 1995, where he was instrumental in building one of the finest private language school libraries in Central Europe. Ken presented workshops monthly at the Caledonian School for six years and weekly at
EF Toronto, where he was Director of Studies, for five years. He is the founder and leader of Ken Lackman & Associates, a thriving teacher training project, offering workshops, mini-conferences and other types of professional development in Toronto area.

Ken has gained enormous reputation for his unique, no-nonsense, very solid and extremely well researched workshops and sessions, as well as for hundreds of most ingenious activities that he keeps designing and which he has since published in several highly successful collections, including “Universal Activities”, “Lexical Approach Activities”, “Teaching Collocations”, “Classroom Games from Corpora”, “Word Formation Games”, “Warmers & Icebreakers,” “Frameworks for Prep Free Lessons”, and many more. See more on his home site: