Plenary speakers

Grzegorz Śpiewak

is a university lecturer, teacher trainer, EFL project manager, adviser, reviewer, editor, and author. He is Head ELT Consultant for Macmillan Central & Eastern Europe, as well as President of  DOS-ELTea, an independent teacher development centre, recently nominated for the prestigious British Council ELTON award for its flagship project, Teacher Trainer Academy.

Grzegorz holds an MA in Linguistics from University of Essex, PhD in Language & Linguistics from University of Warsaw. He is a former senior lecturer and deputy director for Practical English & CLIL at the Institute of English Studies, University of Warsaw, and also a tutor on an on-line MA TESOL Programme hosted by The New School for Social Research, New York. He’s served as vice-president and president of IATEFL Poland.

Grzegorz has been a very active EFL writer and editor. He’s co-authored (with Marta Rosińska) Macmillan’s best-selling Egzamin Gimnazjalny. Repetytorium z Testami. He’s also the head author of Angielski dla rodziców deDOMO an innovative series of support publications, awarded with European Language label 2012. He is a regular contributor to The Teacher, Języki Obce w Szkole, and also reviewer for the ELTJournal. He is also a keen blogger, most recently for the Teddy Eddie project.

Marta Rosińska

holds an MA in Linguistics (University of Łódź) and Advanced Diploma in English Teaching Management (University of Cambridge). Marta is a senior lecturer, head teacher trainer and Director of Studies at the English Language Centre, University of Łódź. She is also a freelance teacher trainer and EFL project manager for DOS ELTea, including the innovative Teacher Trainer Academy course, shortlisted for the prestigious British Council ELTON award 2016.

Marta is a very prolific and highly esteemed ELT author. Her main publications are: Format,  Matura Masters, Password, Repetytorium Maturalne, Repetytorium Gimnazjalne, Repetytorium Szóstoklasisty, all for Macmillan Education.

Monika Cichmińska

has been teaching English for 20 years. After graduating from the University of Łódź, where she specialised in linguistics, she co-founded Progres, a private language school in Łódź, where she taught at all levels and was the Director of Studies. In 1999 she finished her doctorate in linguistics and moved to Olsztyn, where she works at the University of Warmia and Mazury. She also works for English Perfect, a private language school in Olsztyn, where she is the  Director of Studies. Apart from that, she likes to work as a teacher trainer for various institutions. She is also an oral examiner for UCLES (FCE, CAE and CPE).

She enjoys working with people, and likes to combine theory (linguistics, psychology and neuroscience) with practice (teaching English on all levels). She is particularly interested in teaching, or rather uncovering grammar, motivation (of both students and teachers), affective factors in learning, and most of all, what happens in the brain when we learn something new.
In her free time she likes to learn new things, go to the cinema, listen to music, and go for long walks with her son. Her personal idols are Pat Metheny, Cassandra Wilson, Ken Wilber and Gregory House.

Trainer team

Katarzyna Adwent

has been teaching English at Brytania School of English since 2002, where she became an Assistant Director of Studies in 2006. One of her main roles is to assist teachers in their professional development. Additionally, she is responsible for organizing training sessions and workshops for fellow teachers. With 15 years of experience in teaching all age groups and all levels, she is constantly searching for new techniques and methods to motivate both students and teachers she works with. She is a graduate of DOS ELT Teacher Trainer Academy 2.0

Agnieszka Anioła

is a graduate of English Department at Warsaw University, and more recently of DOS Teacher Trainer Academy 3.0. She has worked in th eLT profession for 12 years, mostly in private language schools. She is always on the lookout for new sources of inspiration and for professional development opportunities.

Anna Dobrowolska

has been teaching English at Secondary School for 12 years. During her teaching career, she has also worked in a Primary School, Junior High School, a Foreign Language Teacher Training College, in private language schools and has been a methodology advisor in one of them. Anna is a graduate of Teacher Trainer Academy by DOS-ELTea and has been a presenter at several conferences. Her main area of interest is developing both students’ and teachers’ creativity.

Ola Dykta

Widely known for her very popular blog Ola.Lerni.Us and her role in developing the LERNI project. She is involved in developing and evaluating mobile and desktop applications, with an eye on how to make the process of foreign language learning more and more effective. Ola is also an academic lecturer at several tertiary institutions – she works with pre-service teachers, showing them how to make the most of new technologies in their future teaching. She is the author of – the first on-line coursebook formally approved by Ministry of Education in 2011 for use in Polish schools. She’s been awarded with European Language Label 2012 for one of her projects.  

Tim Gifford

is a co-founder of ELTjam and works with the rest of the team to implement their unique Learner Experience Design approach across the projects and products they work on. Tim has worked in ELT publishing since 2008, initially as a Senior Editor on Touchstone Blended Learning and then as a Commissioning Editor at SELT, working on online learning products for Turkish university students. Prior to that, Tim taught English in China for five years.

Milena Jastrzębska

Organization and improvisation trainer. Graduated from Group Training at Laboratorium Psychoedukacji and Teacher Trainer Academy 3.0. Master of organization and effectiveness. Always open to new ideas, she loves to make them happen. She helps teachers and language school owners build effectiveness both in teaching and their professional and private life. Founder of Strefa Języka, a language school which always keeps in touch with people and current teaching trends. Director of Studies at Strefa Języka from 2009 to 2015. She writes her own blog and gives open webinars at

Magdalena Kania

has been an active teacher for over 20 years – with an unyielding passion, she says. She started out in a Rybnik upper-secondary school back in 1994. Two years later she founded ‘SJO ant’ - her own private language school, where she’s been a teacher and director of studies ever since.

In March 2016 she took a major step forward, completing DOS-ELTea Teacher Trainer Academy 2.0., and swiftly moving into the teacher training profession. She swept her audience of their feet at IATEFL PL Szczecin with a fantastic session, and then went from strength to strength as a core trainer on the innovative ON-line, ONA off-line workshop series hosted by DOS-ELTea. Her flare, enthusiasm and organizational skills have quickly been noticed, the result of which is her new role in DOS-ELTea as Regional Projects Manager.

Łukasz Knap

has been an active teacher since 2006, when he graduated from PWSZ in Nowy Sącz. Within this time he has taught all age groups and all proficiency levels, in places ranging from junior high schools in Lubycza Królewska and Narol, to private language schools in Warsaw, Krakow and Salamanca, as  well as Wyższa Szkoła Finansów i Zarządzania and Collegium Civitas. He particularly loves working with teenagers and specializes in ESP and on-line course delivery. He is now in charge of on-line courses at British School Wawer. 

Łukasz is a proud graduate of Akademia Metodyka PASE and DOS-ELTea Teacher Trainer Academy 2.0. He’s been involved in teacher training for six years, working with teachers of language and other subjects, especially in the area of effective use of new technologies in education. He has presented at English Teaching Market, IATEFL PL and TWIST; he has also been as a core trainer on the innovative ON-line, ONA off-line workshop series hosted by DOS-ELTea.

Agnieszka Magoń

has been a teacher of English for 25 years, working in high schools, college and language schools, both in Warsaw and in Rzeszow. At present she works in Rzeszow for Centrum Edukacyjne PROMAR and in a junior-high school. Her professional passion is exploring possible applications of neuroscience in EFL teaching, especially in the fields of grammar and vocabulary. The activities presented in her session are aimed at teenagers and young adults.

Izabela Michalak

is a Łódź University graduate in Linguistics. She has been working for a variety of institutions, teaching various age groups at different proficiency levels. She has also been involved in writing projects for major publishers and she co-authored a few ELT publications for the upper-secondary school sector. She is a proud graduate of DOS-ELTea Teacher Trainer Academy 1.0.

Małgorzata Porębska

graduated from English Philology and Polish Philology at Jagiellonian University. She has completed CELTA and TESOL courses, she is a graduate of Teacher Trainer Academy by DOS-ELTea and Coach and Trainer postgraduate studies. She has been a teacher of English at Junior High School near Kraków for 9 years. She was awarded with European Language Label for one of her educational projects in 2013. She is an ambassador of English Teaching Program created by the Polish-American Freedom Foundation. She was a speaker at various conferences such as Think Fresh, Autumn ELTea, IATEFL or ET Market. Her main areas of interest are neurodidactics, using creativity and ICT while teaching English as well as developing learners’ intercultural competence through international students’ exchanges.  

Aniela Tekiela

started gaining her professional experience in a state school in 2006 teaching English to lower-secondary, secondary and vocational school students. In 2008 she received MA degree in English Studies, succeeded by the Postgraduate Diploma in Translation Studies.  Since 2011 she has been cooperating with the local private language school. Recently, she has expanded the scope of her professional activity by creating a blog called “Creative Foreign Language Teaching” („Kreatywne nauczanie języków obcych”) by means of which she shares her ideas and materials with several thousand foreign language teachers. She is also a very active member of Facebook professional groups and an author of methodological online articles, writing for educational publishers and magazines.

Halina Tyliba

is a very experienced upper-secondary school teacher. Over the years she has been involved in INSETT programmes for teachers, and also written a number of supporting materials for major publishers, incl. Egis, Macmillan, WSiP and Nowa Era. These include parents’ guides, test booklets, syllabuses, and teaching programmes. Halina is also a co-author of Destination Matura 2015, as well as several workbooks at intermediate and upper-intermediate levels.

Michał Zboś

has spent over twenty years in ELT as a teacher, an examiner and a trainer. He holds an MA in English Studies from Warsaw University and Cambridge CELTA, and isa proud graduate of DOS ELTEA Teacher Trainer Academy 3.0.  He’s  the  Academic Director at Language House, a private language school, and a senior English teacher involved in exam preparation courses, Business English and one-to-one classes.

One of many Michał’s  interests is how to make language teaching more offbeat and out of the ordinary in order to deliver fun and engaging lessons.