20 Jan 2018


Programme concept

Trainer team

Agnieszka Magoń

has been a teacher of English for 25 years, working in high schools, college and language schools, both in Warsaw and in Rzeszow. At present she works in Rzeszow for Centrum Edukacyjne PROMAR and in a junior-high school. Her professional passion is exploring possible applications of neuroscience in EFL teaching, especially in the fields of grammar and vocabulary. Agnieszka is a proud graduate of DOS ELTEA Teacher Trainer Academy 3.0.

Magdalena Kania

has been an active teacher for over 20 years – with an unyielding passion, she says. She started out in a Rybnik upper-secondary school back in 1994. Two years later she founded her own private language school. In March 2016 she took a major step forward, completing DOS-ELTea Teacher Trainer Academy 2.0., and swiftly moving into the teacher training profession. She swept her audience of their feet at IATEFL PL Szczecin and Bielsko-Biała with fantastic sessions, and then went from strength to strength as a core trainer on the workshops hosted by DOS-ELTea (ON-line, ONA off-line; Teacher Level Master). Her flare, enthusiasm and organizational skills have quickly been noticed, the result of which is her new role in DOS-ELTea as Projects Manager.

Michał Zboś

has spent over twenty years in ELT as a teacher, an examiner and a trainer. He holds an MA in English Studies from Warsaw University and Cambridge CELTA, and is a proud graduate of DOS ELTEA Teacher Trainer Academy 3.0.  He’s  the  Academic Director at Language House, a private language school, and a senior English teacher involved in exam preparation courses, Business English and one-to-one classes.

One of many Michał’s  interests is how to make language teaching more offbeat and out of the ordinary in order to deliver fun and engaging lessons.