20 Jan 2018

How to register

The fee for this event is 135 PLN

To get to our on-line registration panel, click here

1. We’ll ask you to provide basic personal data, which is necessary to complete your registration for this event. 

2. You will also need to review and accept terms of service before you continue with your registration.

3. When you enter the relevant data successfully, you will receive an automatic e-mail confirmation, together with payment instructions.

4. The fee does not include meals, transportation and/or accommodation costs.

5. We are happy to offer group discounts for groups of 4 or more participants, calculated as follows:

  • 4-7 participants: 10% discount on the total amount due 
  • 8 or more participants: 15% discount on the total amount due. 

The above discounts apply only if the group registers as a whole and a single group payment is transferred (so that one joint invoice can be issued). It is essential that you contact our registration helpline at 601 800 991 or biuro@e-dos.org to confirm your group discount, before making any payments. 

6. Please note: your registration is not confirmed until we have received your payment.