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YES - we are back, very much BY POPULAR DEMAND :-)! TTA 4.0 is as intensive and effective as ever, but also reshaped to include both FACE-to-FACE and ONLINE training. In short, it's presentation coaching at its VERY BEST, with a truly outstanding line-up of experts. We start on March 25 so the time to act for you is NOW. Learn all the details here and send your application TODAY!

Yes, we are back, as promised – by popular demand! Following fantastic feedback after our spring series,  our free webinars return on September 20th, which is a Wednesday, at 20:30. They will be as engaging and practical as it gets, and will feature a range of enthusiastic teachers, passionate about sharing their classroom ideas with you! More info - click here.

Statement of Mission

The mission of DOS ELTea is to improve the standards of foreign language teaching and teacher training in Poland and beyond  by supporting the process of professional development of foreign language tutors, as well as by disseminating experience, expertise, cutting-edge ELT solutions and educational materials. read more