Łukasz Knap

has been an active teacher since 2006, when he graduated from PWSZ in Nowy Sącz. Within this time he has taught all age groups and all proficiency levels, in places ranging from junior high schools in Lubycza Królewska and Narol, to private language schools in Warsaw, Krakow and Salamanca, as  well as Wyższa Szkoła Finansów i Zarządzania and Collegium Civitas. He particularly loves working with teenagers and specializes in ESP and on-line course delivery. He is now in charge of on-line courses at British School Wawer. 

Łukasz is a proud graduate of Akademia Metodyka PASE and DOS-ELTea Teacher Trainer Academy 2.0. He’s been involved in teacher training for six years, working with teachers of language and other subjects, especially in the area of effective use of new technologies in education. He has presented at English Teaching Market, IATEFL PL and TWIST; he has also been as a core trainer on the innovative ON-line, ONA off-line workshop series hosted by DOS-ELTea.