Czesław Kiński

A graduate of the Teacher Training College in Olsztyn and the University of Gdańsk, Czesław is now an academic teacher and a PhD candidate at the  University of Warmia and Mazury. His other professional affiliation is the English Perfect school of languages, where he’s worked as a teacher and an Assistant Director of Studies. Czesław is also an UCLES examiner, a speaker at IATEFL and PASE conferences and an author of ELT books and materials for GatewayInterface and Voices series by Macmillan. With 20 years of experience in teaching all age groups and all levels, he’s never completely satisfied with his work and always looks for something new.
Czesław’s professional interests include public speaking, group dynamics and the influence of culture on language acquisition. Enigmatically as it sounds, he is quite often referred to as ‘the xero-brother’.