Mixed ability or diversity? - making the most of them in the language classroomA super-intensive workshop day with Luke Prodromou, one of the most captivating teacher trainers in the world, an incredibly engaging speaker, famous for his wit and irrepressible energy and above all for his uniquely practical and classroom-based approach. Luke’s sessions are very rich in teaching ideas, ready-made activities and - what’s more - they serve plenty of food for thought.
The coming conference is, as he puts it, ‘about making the most of diversity in the classroom, about turning apparent weakness into strength and obstacles into opportunities.’ Luke intends ‘to present and practise techniques that involve a minimum of preparation and a maximum pay-off in terms of language as well as ways of getting students’ attention at multiple levels from classroom management to ‘discipline-friendly techniques’. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore what it means to be a truly competent teacher in the context of a diverse class! After all, who hasn’t got one?!

Numbers limited, registration strictly on first-come-first-served basis: ACT TODAY!