From Grammar to Words and Back Again - a fresh look on teaching grammar and lexisA super-intensive workshop day with Scott Thornbury, a true ELT Grandmaster, one of the most sought-after teacher trainers in the world, a guru in the field of teaching grammar and lexis, an incredibly engrossing speaker, famous for his innovative approaches to the treatment of the language in the classroom. Scott’s sessions abound in teaching ideas and ready-made activities. Above all, however, Scott’s workshops offer plenty of fresh and reflective input.
The coming conference is, as he puts it, ‘about examining issues such as sentence grammar, word grammar and phrase grammar and about showing teachers how to put these notions into practice.’ Scott intends to share ‘some principles which underpin the design and methodology of a rehabilitated Lexical Approach’. Don’t miss the chance to explore what it means to be a truly competent teacher of lexis and grammar.

Numbers limited, registration strictly on first-come-first-served basis: ACT TODAY!